Welcome to Loves Park, "The City with a Heart."
Loves Park is a flourishing residential, commercial, and industrial community in northern Illinois.  Located 80 miles Northwest of Chicago, Loves Park is situated along the beautiful Rock River and is adjacent to the City of Rockford, Illinois.  Whether you are looking for a state park for boating and fishing, renown educational facilities, a booming commercial and industrial sector, or a minor league baseball game, Loves Park is a close-knit community that offers it all!
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100 Heart Boulevard
Loves Park, Illinois 61111
Office (815) 654-5030
Fax (815) 633-2359
Hours: 8:00am - 5:00pm M-F

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2013-2014 Snow Removal Information
When the snow starts to fall, the Public Works Department activates its "Snow & Ice Removal Plan".  Exactly what happens depends on the amount of precipitation that has fallen, the total amount predicted to fall, the temperature, the expected duration of the storm/event, and the moisture content. 

The following suggestions and reminders will help us complete the snow removal process in an efficient and timely manner.

~ Please DO NOT shovel or plow snow into any City street, onto any public sidewalk, or obstruct any fire hydrant.

~NO PARKING is allowed on any street if there is an accumulation of 2" or more of snow.  This is in effect until plowing operations have been completed.

~DRIVEWAYS - We know it is frustrating to clear your driveway and then have a plow come by and put snow back in it.  This is unavoidable without greatly increasing the cost of snow removal.  You can help minimize the amount of snow pushed back into your driveway by piling it on the right side of the driveway (away from approaching traffic).

~ MAILBOXES - Winter is hard on mailboxes along the streets.  However, if they are in good condition and properly installed, they will withstand sludge discharge from the plows.  Most mailboxes knocked down during snow removal are not hit by the snowplows, they are in poor condition and knocked down by the snow discharge.  The City will only be responsible for damage done to mailboxes that are properly installed and are hit by a snowplow.  Be sure the front of the mailbox is a minimum of 6" from the back of the curb, and the bottom of the mailbox is at least 42" from the top of the curb.  If there is no curb, the front of the mailbox should be a minimum of 12" off the edge of the roadway pavement and 48" to the bottom of the mailbox.

Your cooperation in abiding by these wintertime regulations is greatly appreciated.

If you have any concerns with snow removal, please contact the Street Department at lpstreet@loves-park.il.us and provide the nature of the concern and your contact information, if you wish to be contacted.

JULIE Reminder
Planning a home improvement job?  Planting a tree? Installing a fence or deck? WAIT!  Here's what you need to know first.  Whether you are planning to do it yourself or hire a professional, smart digging means calling JULIE at 811 before each job.  Homeowners often make risky assumptions about whether or not they should get their utility lines marked, but every digging job requires a call - even small projects like planting trees and shrubs.

Call JULIE at 811 at least 48 hours or two business days prior to digging, tell the operator where you're planning to dig, what type of work you will be doing and your affected local utility companies will be notified about your intent to dig.  Within 48 hours or two business days, they'll send a locator to mark the approximate location of you underground lines, pipes and cables, so you'll know whats below --- and be able to dig safely.

FY2013-2014 Appropriation Ordinance
A copy of the Fiscal Year 2013-14 Appropriation Ordinace for the City of Loves Park has been posted.  This Ordinance was approved by the Loves Park City Council on July 22, 2013.  A copy of the approved ordinance can be viewed by clicking HERE
(posted 7/23/2013, 1:00 PM)

Notice to water customers
To better serve the citizens of the City of Loves Park, the Loves Park Water Department is now able to accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover credit cards for payment of water bills.  This service is currently available, in person and via the telephone, at the Water Department facility located at 5440 Walker Avenue, Loves Park, IL 61111 or by phone at 815-877-1421 ext. 8676.

Total Compensation Report for FY2014
In compliance with The Illinois Open Meeting Act, an Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund employer must post the total compensation package for each employee receiving a total compensation package that exceeds $75,000.00 per year.

The  City of Loves Park, Illinois Total Compensation Report for all City employees with total compensation packages that exceed $75,000.00 annually is available to the public, and is posted in the lobby at Loves Park City Hall, 100 Heart Blvd., Loves Park., Illinois, 61111.

A complete copy of the most recently adopted salary and benefit detail can be obtained through the loves Park City Clerk's Office, 815-654-5034, during regular business hours, 8AM-5PM, M-F.
(posted 7/23/2013, 1:00 PM)

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To report any of the following concerns:

Tree branches in right-of-way
Debris in the roadway
Streetlight outages
Traffic signal outages
Potential water main breaks
Snow plowing concerns
Please type your concern in box to right and click submit to send an email to the  Public Works Department.  Please include a detailed description of the concern and provide contact information if you would like to be contacted regarding your concern.
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Watch the construction of the new Woodward Rock Cut Campus on the Woodward Live WebCam.
Parade Entry Form
Are you ready?  It's getting closer to Young At Heart time.  If you are interested in participating in the 2014 Young At Heart parade, please fill out the 2014 Young At Heart Parade Entry Form and return to the Parade Committee.