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General Questions
1. Where is City Hall?
    Loves Park City Hall is located off of East Riverside Boulevard between North 2nd Street and Forest Hills Road at 100
    Heart Boulevard.  Use                   to get directions.
2. Where can I get a map of the City?
    Maps of the City are available at our website under           . Printed maps are available at the Community Development
    Department in City Hall for a small fee.
3. Where can I pay my water bill?
    Water bills can be mailed in or paid in person at the drive-thru window at the Water Department, located at 5440 Walker
    Avenue.  Use                    to get directions.
4. How do I get my garbage picked up?
    You should contact Rock River Disposal at 815-965-2489.
5. Why did my garbage pick-up price go up?
    The City works to keep the cost of living in Loves Park as low as possible.  Garbage pickup prices do increase over time
    due to increased costs for things such as fuel and to adjust for inflation.
6. What is the sales tax in the City?
    The sales tax in Loves Park is 7.25%.  6.25% goes to the county and 1% goes to the City of Loves Park.
7. What is a zero municipal tax levy?
    The City works to maintain a zero municipal tax levy, which means the City does not receive any property tax money. 
    Most cities receive a portion of your property taxes to pay for public improvements and government functions.  Loves Park
    relies on sales tax for this revenue.  You still pay taxes for non-city services such as the county and the school district. 
    Loves Park strives to keep a zero municipal tax levy to maintain relatively low property taxes for their citizens.
8. When is the Young at Heart Parade & Festival?
    The Young At Heart Festival is held every Memorial Day weekend, with the parade beginning Saturday morning.
9. Are there any jobs available with the City?
    All job opportunities are posted online on the main page of the                                    .
10. How do I report a broken link or problem with the website?
    Please email the                        to report any broken links, website problems, or suggestions.

Building & Permits
11. What do I need permits for?
    Permits are needed for anything that requires inspections.  This includes all building (structural changes), electrical,
    mechanical, and plumbing work.  If you are unsure if you need a permit, please call the Community Development
    Department at (815) 654-5033.  If you do not obtain a permit prior to construction, fees may be doubled.
12. Where do I get Building permit forms?
    Permit forms are available at the Community Development Department in City Hall.  They are also available on the
    website, under                                           .   .  Please fill out the commercial or residential application and a zoning
    clearance form.  Permits must be faxed, mailed or turned in at the Community Development Department and paid for in
    the Clerks Office.
13. How much do permits cost?
    Loves Park permits are very reasonably priced and are intended to pay for the required inspections and administration of
    documents.  Permit fees are explained          , but may need further explanation.  Feel free to call the Community
    Development Department at (815) 654-5033 for a permit quote.
14. What do I do when I need inspections?
    Contact the Community Development Department at (815) 654-5033 to schedule inspections.  You will need your permit
    number, address, contact name, phone number, and the type of inspection needed.  You may request a specific date and
    time for your inspection.  Both rough-in and final inspections are done for most issues.  Visit the
                                                                         for more information.
15. When does my permit expire?
    Permits expire after 1 year has passed from date of issuance or 6 months after they have been issued if no significant    
    work has been done, they will be considered void.  Permits may be extended at the discretion of the Building Official for
    an additional 6 months at the cost of $25.00 per permit/trade. After 6 months has passed you will be required to renew the
    permit at full cost.

City Council
16. How do I become involved with the City?
    We encourage citizens to attend City Council meetings every Monday night at 6:30pm at City Hall.  You may attend any
    other public meetings, including the Zoning Board of Appeals.  If you are interested in the planning of the City, contact the
17. When are City Council meetings?
    City Council meetings are every Monday night at 6:30pm in the Council Chambers at City Hall.  Meetings are not held on
18. Can I attend City meetings?
    Citizens are encouraged to attend City meetings to become aware of issues the City deals with.  Please see the
                                          for a list of items to be discussed at the next City Council meeting.
19. What do I do if I want to speak at a City Council meeting?
    If you wish to speak at a City Council meeting, contact your                   .
20. What is discussed at City Council meetings?
    City Council meetings discuss various issues relating to budget & purchasing, personnel, and planning & zoning.  The
    current City Council meeting              is available to the public.  City Council                are also available, which detail
    everything that is discussed at each meeting.
21. What are aldermen for and who is my alderman?
    Aldermen are elected officials that represent the citizens of Loves Park.  The City is divided into 5 wards.  Citizens of
    each ward elect 2 aldermen.  Aldermen serve 4 year terms on the City Council and help run the City.  If you have a
    concern in your neighborhood, contact your aldermen to bring the issue to their attention.  Check who your aldermen are
22. How do I contact someone at the City?
    Please see our                                      or call (815) 654-5030.

Code Enforcement
23. What do I do if I received a notice of code violation?
    Fix the violation and then contact the Code Enforcement Officer listed on the violation notice at (815) 654-5033.
24. How do I report a code violation?
    Feel free to contact our Code Enforcement Officers regarding code violations.  You can email                for issues west
    of Forest Hills Road or email                                     for issues east of Forest Hills Road.  You may also contact either
    of them by phone at (815) 654-5033.
25. How many pets can I have in the City?
allows three pets per residence, with only 2 pets of the same species.  This means you may have 2 dogs
    and 1 cat, but not 3 dogs.  Small pets such as fish are excluded from this.

Lawn Maintenance
26. How often do I have to cut my lawn?
    The                             states that lawns must be kept under 10 inches long.  Any grass or weeds that are longer than 10
    inches may result in a Code Violation notice and a fine.
27. How do I get my leaves yard waste picked up by the City?
    Leaf vacuuming is a service provided by the City during the fall season.  Simply rake your leaves to the edge of your
    front lawn (NOT into the street) and they will be picked up as soon as possible.  Leaf pick-up continues throughout the
    fall until snow begins.  Rock River Disposal picks up yard waste from April 1 - November 30.  Yard waste must be put in
    brown paper bags or bundled in 3 ft. sections with twine and placed into a garbage can marked with an X.
28. Is leaf burning allowed in the City?
    No.  The burning of leaves or any other material is prohibited by the                  .

Licenses & Garage Sale Permits
29. How do I obtain a business license?
    Business license applications are available from the                         at City Hall and online.
30. How do I obtain a garage sale permit?
    Garage sale permits are available at the Clerk’s Office.  They must be applied for in person.  There is no charge.  Garage  
    sales are allowed twice per year for up to 3 days at a time.
31. Can I have a business in my home?
    Home occupations are permitted as long as they meet certain criteria.  Registration forms for home occupations are
    available from the                         at City Hall and online.  Home occupations must follow these required conditions:
    No stock-in-trade other than products manufactured on the premises.
    May not exceed 500 square feet.
    No outdoor storage of supplies or equipment.
    No external alteration of the dwelling is allowed.
    No business signs are allowed.
    No one other than a resident of the dwelling shall be employed in the business.
    Shall not create pedestrian, automobile, or truck traffic.
    Please contact the                                                                     at (815) 654-5033 for further information, or see Article
    IV., Sec. 1002-213 of the                                 .

Snow Removal
32. When is the snow plowing ordinance in affect?
    The snow plowing ordinance falls into affect whenever 2 or more inches of snow falls.  The ordinance requires all
    vehicles to be removed from public streets so that snow plows can quickly remove the snow.  Failure to remove your
    vehicle from the street may result in a snow ticket.
33. What do I do if I received a snow ticket?
    Snow tickets are issued when vehicles are parked on public streets after 2 inches of snow has fallen.  Tickets may be paid
    at the Police Department within the first 14 days.  After 14 days, tickets are considered overdue and must be paid in the  
    Clerk’s Office at City Hall.
34. What happens if a plow hits my mailbox?
    Leave a message with the Public Works Department at (815) 654-5040 that includes your name and address and the date
    of the incident.  The Public Works Department will work as quickly as possible (usually within 2 days) to provide a
    temporary solution and will then fix or replace your mailbox.  Please be patient, since the Public Works Department will
    likely still be plowing!

35. What does zoning mean?
    Zoning determines what a piece of property may be used for and what regulations must be followed.  Commercial zoning
    includes CO, CR, CN, & CG.  Industrial zoning includes IL, IG, & IH.  Residential zoning includes R1, R2, R3, R3A, &
    R4.  Please see the                                  or call the Zoning Officer at (815) 654-5033 for an explanation of these zoning
36. How do I know what my property is zoned?
    Check out our                       online or put the address or property pin into               online.  Also, feel free to contact the
    Zoning Officer at (815) 654-5033 for help.
37. I received a zoning letter in the mail - what does it mean?
    Zoning letters are sent to adjacent property owners of properties that have applied for Zoning Map Amendments, Zoning
    Variances, & Special Use Permits.  Your letter should identify the property in question and the issue at hand.  Feel free to
    attend the noted                                              meeting to speak for or against the issue, or submit a letter to the
                                                                         at City Hall regarding the issue.
38. What are zoning variances and special use permits?
    Zoning Variances are approved ordinances that allow a specific property to follow modified rules regarding a specific
    zoning issue.  Common Variances include fence height, building setback lines, and building size.  Special Use Permits are
    approved ordinances that allow a specific property a use that is generally not allowed in that location.  Common Special
    Uses include gas stations, drive-thru windows, and accessory residence within a business lot.  Zoning Variances and
    Special Use Permits are handled by the                                                                     and
.  The City Council makes the ultimate determination whether or not to approve these
    issues.  If a Zoning Variance or Special Use Permit is applied for adjacent to your home, you will receive notification in
    the mail and the property in question will have a posted sign.  You are welcome to attend the Zoning Board of Appeals
    to speak for or against any Zoning Variance or Special Use Permit under consideration.
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